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What is the VR Time Machine experience about?

The sun has exploded, and you are surrounded by apparent nothingness. But who are you? Is there even any life left at this point in time? Or is it reduced to a particle of dust? As a crew member of planet Earth, you will board Evoluons spaceship.Travel through space and time, millions of years from now, to find your answers.

VR Time Machine is a mobile time machine that combines scientific knowledge, philosophy, and imagination to transform you into a digital avatar. VR glasses take you to a hyper-realistic digital environment, while a carousel-like structure sends you floating through air.

In the evocative location of the Evoluon, the trip will take you to a journey forward in time, to the end of the Earth, the solar system, and the beginning of everything.

Where can you find us?

Find us at EVOLUON

VR Time Machine Terminal
Noord Brabantlaan 1A
5652 LA Eindhoven

Frequently Asked Questions

Shush, I overslept and now I’m late. What do I do?

We’re happy to hear you are well rested. Unfortunately, oversleeping comes at a price. As we work with time slots, there is no possibility to change.

I got an extra ticket by mistake. Can I get a refund?

We don’t offer refunds, but we give you the opportunity to change the time slot and the day of visit max 14 days before the reserved date. Please send us an email We hope to see you again, or catch up with a friend of yours.

Can I enter the EVOLUON with an ICOM / Museum card?

VR Time Machine VR is a VR experience. Therefore, we don’t accept Museumkaart for this adventure. We do have a reduced price for CJP card holders.

I’m a bit indecisive about the time of my visit. Do I really need to choose a time slot?

Yes, in a million years COVID-19 might not be an issue, but for now it is our responsibility to provide everyone with a safe travel. We want to make sure the spaceship does not get overcrowded, and a time slot helps us control the entrances and be compliant to the current regulations.

How can I arrange a group booking?

You can book as many tickets as you wish. If you like help with arranging a large group visit, please contact us via

I’d like to plan a group visit for my students.

We’re open to all educational trips. For more information click here.

How can I reach the VR Time Machine?

VR Time Machine is located inside the EVOLUON museum, at the address: Noord Brabantlaan 1A, 5652 LA Eindhoven. Take a look at the guide on how to reach us by bus, car, or bike.

Is the installation suitable for people in a wheelchair?

Yes, you can wear our VR glasses and travel through time. If you think you can also enjoy the carrousel experience with a little help – we are surely there to support you in this. Please contact us beforehand if you like to discuss how we can support you in getting the full experience at

Can I stick around once my time travel is done?

Please do! We’d love to see you enjoying the EVOLUON, and your visit has no time limit. While we’re working on opening the entire structure, there are already quite a few things to do. You can discover more on time-travel throughout our curated panels, and grab a drink at our restaurant.

I don’t like to travel heavy. Is there a locker for my belongings?

Yes, there is a box next to your flight seat where you can put your belongings.

I’m back from a million years trip and gosh, I’m hungry. Is there a bar or restaurant in the spaceship?

The restaurant will open soon. For now, refresh yourself with tasty drinks (we bet you’re thirsty, too).