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Will you travel with us a few billion years ahead?

The education program of VR Time Machine

For how many years have the Earth and the universe been around? And for how long have we humans been here? If we see how old our universe is, we humans have been on earth for a relatively short time. The dreams we have about the future are short-term too if you place them in the perspective of deep time.

In the education program of VR Time Machine we really think long term, up to a few billion years further. To be precise, until the sun burns out. In the Nemo Studio Amsterdam, students become time travelers who travel billions of years ahead, to discover and imagine what the world might look like then. Students enjoy a spectacular journey through time in the Virtual Reality experience of VR Time Machine, developed by Next Nature in collaboration with artists Floris Kaayk and Maze de Boer. Together they explore and imagine the distant future. Will humans still be alive in a billion years? Will nature or technology take over? Or is everything fused? And how do we become good ancestors of people, the nature and technology of our future?

Travel prepared.

To prepare for the visit to VR Time Machine and the workshop we offer, you can get started at school in the online learning environment.
Explore is the phase prior to the visit. You will find teaching assignments for the fields of SCIENCE, ART, PHILOSOPHY with which students can prepare for their time travel. After the visit and the workshop in the Nemo Studio, you will find new teaching assignments under Engage, with which students can reflect on their experiences in the time machine and think about a new beginning.

For whom

All grades and levels of secondary education. Especially suitable for Nature & Technology, Culture & Society, Geography, General Natural Sciences, Visual Arts, CKV, Art and Philosophy.


March 23 to April 15 2022
Wednesday to Friday from 09:30 - 12:00

Minimum 20 and maximum 30 participants per time slot.


NEMO Studio
Kattenburgerstraat 5, Gebouw 027A, 1018 JA Amsterdam


€15 per participant.
Payment by invoice or CJP.

Sign Up

Available until April 7 2022 via deze link.


Esther van Lune

Developed in collaboration with STRP.